! Important information — About who can use this form

You can only use this form to apply for a replacement deed poll if:

You’ll need to pay the price difference (of £ 20) to upgrade to a full replacement application, if you use this form and your deed poll has not been archived.  You’ll still get replacement documents, and you won’t pay any penalty, but it’ll take longer for you to get your documents.

☞ If you didn’t archive your document with us, you must apply for a replacement deed poll by making a (full) replacement application.

Details on your original deed poll
We use these details to identify your original application, so we can prepare your replacement document.
(if known)
(if known)
(if known)

Note: It doesn’t matter if you’re not using this address any more — we just use this e-mail address to identify your original deed poll

Note: If you can’t remember the whole postcode, just enter the first half (e.g. “CH1” or “SW1A”)

What names you’re using on your records
(please give more details below)
(please give more details below)
(give more details below)
(give more details below)

Note: If you’re a dual national, fill in the details of your British passport here, and give further details of your other passport(s) below

(give more details below)
(give more details below)

! Note: As your driving licence / passport is still in your former name, you’re probably going to need a new deed poll.

Your current legal name is the name you use generally, and particularly on official forms of ID.  The DVLA / Passport Office will therefore consider your change of name to be a new change of name.

You can still order a replacement through the SafeStorage service — but we’ll probably recommend that we date your deed poll from the present date (i.e. when you sign it).

(e.g. “France”)
Your current home address

Please enter your current home address (where you’re living now).
It doesn’t matter what address was used on your original deed poll.

(We need to use your current home address to prepare your replacement deed poll.)

Additional comments
Please use this space to provide any additional information or comments that may help us in identifying your original application or processing your application.

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