Replacing a lost deed poll
(or otherwise proving a past change of name)

A deed poll is a kind of legal document — not an official certificate — so there’s no central register of deed polls (like the birth or death registers).  If you’ve lost your deed poll (or statutory declaration) and you haven’t got a certified copy, you won’t be able to get a copy of the original document.

(Bear in mind that a photocopy of the deed poll won’t normally be accepted by official organisations (such as HM Passport Office) unless it has also been certified by a solicitor or notary public — making it a “certified copy”.)

What document can we prepare for you?

We can prepare either:

  • a “retroactive” deed poll — a deed poll having legal effect back to the time when your name was changed
  • a statutory declaration — a statement of fact, similar to an oath
☞ Apply for a replacement document

It costs £ 21 to apply for a replacement deed poll or statutory declaration.

A statutory declaration is actually a better proof of a past change of name, but it has to be witnessed by a solicitor or notary public (unlike a deed poll which can be witnessed by anyone).  A solicitor / notary public in England & Wales is entitled to make a statutory charge of £ 5 for taking a statutory declaration.

We would normally recommend a statutory declaration when it’s necessary to prove that your name actually happened in the past.  However one of our advisers will make a recommendation for you by looking at your circumstances, on a case-by-case basis — there isn’t necessarily an obvious answer.

☞ To make an application for a replacement deed poll please fill in our standard application form.

For the question “Do you need a deed poll to prove a change of name that happened in the past?” — you’ll need to answer “yes” and fill in the relevant details.

If we want to recommend you a statutory declaration instead of a deed poll, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss it with you.  (Given the complexity of past changes of name, we often get in touch with you anyway to confirm details or to find out further information.)

It costs £ 21.00 to prepare either of these kinds of documents (the base price of £ 14.00, plus a surcharge of £ 7.00 due to the extra complexity involved).

☞ Apply for a replacement document (using our standard application form)

Have you ordered our SafeStorage™ service in the past?

☞ If so — you can apply for a replacement document from our SafeStorage archive, using our replacement application form.