Lord Braybrooke: change of name and arms to Griffin

Details of Act

Year 1798
Chapter 38 George III. c. 8
Type of Act Private Act
Not printed
Short title Lord Braybrooke: change of name and arms to Griffin.
Long title An Act to enable the Right Honourable Richard Aldworth Lord Braybrooke, Baron of Braybrooke, and Richard Neville, Henry Neville, George Neville and William Neville, and all and every other Son and Sons of the said Richard Aldworth Lord Braybrooke, and their Issue Male, respectively, when they shall respectively become beneficially entitled to the Possession, or to the Rents and Profits of certain Estates devised by the Will of the late Right Honourable John Griffin, Lord Howard de Walden and Lord Braybrooke deceased, or shall become entitled to the Peerage of the Barony of Braybrooke in Possession, to use and take the Surname, and bear the Arms of Griffin, pursuant to the said Will.

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Location Records of the House of Lords, Private Bill Office, Original Acts
Reference code HL/PO/PB/1/1798/38G3n28
Level File
Access status Open