Additional services

Preparing your deed poll is just one part of what we do — we provide a complete change of name service, which includes a number of other additional services:

Cover letters / letters of consent

We prepare a cover letter for all our clients, which you can use to send your deed poll to organisations, informing them about your change of name.  We e-mail this to you as a fully typed-up Word document, meaning that you can easily adapt it to each organisation if you wish (e.g. by adding your account / membership number or any other additional messages).

For child deed polls, the cover letter takes the form of a letter of consent, which you can have signed by everyone with parental responsibility.


After you’ve got your deed poll document, and signed it, you’ll need to update your official documents and records to be in your new name.

Most adults will have, on average, about 20–40 services or organisations that they’ll need to update.

We used to provide a notify service to help you with this (essential) part of changing your name (the only deed poll service in the U.K. to do so).

We decided to discontinue the NotifyService™ in November 2017.
It is now in a legacy state, and is not available for new customers.

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If your deed poll is ever lost or stolen — and you need to prove your change of name — you’ll need to have a new document prepared, because there’s no central register of name changes in the U.K.

With our SafeStorage service, we’ll digitally encrypt and securely store a copy of all the details on your deed poll so we can easily issue you with a replacement document at any point in the future.

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