Ask for an application form to be posted to you

It costs £ 22 to make a deed poll application by post.
It’s free to request an application form, but please allow 4–5 working days for it to arrive.

☞ You can save £ 8 by making an online application instead.
(The service is exactly the same — we’ll still post you your deed poll documents, with complete instructions; plus it’s quicker.)

When we get your completed form, we’ll process your application within 4 working days.
Your application will be processed quicker (within 2 working days) if you apply online instead.

Bear in mind that we can’t accept credit / debit card payments for postal applications.

Request a postal application form
☞ It’s quicker, cheaper, and easier to use our online application form.
You’ll also have the option of paying by credit / debit card / PayPal.
In every other way, the two services are exactly the same.
persons aged 16 years or over

Note: A 15 year-old who wants to change their own name after their 16th birthday should apply as an adult

children under the age of 16 years
Note: We can only post application forms to a U.K. address (including the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).
If you’re resident overseas, please use our online application form.

Note: We’ll call you after about 10 days to check that you’ve got the application form