Rex v Newman (1700)

Reference: Rex v Newman (1700) 1 Ld. Raym. 562

Court of King’s Bench ↗
Easter Term, 1700

Ex relatione m’ri Jacob

Counsel (the barristers representing the parties)

  • Mr King, on behalf of Elizabeth Newman (the Defendant)

Summary of the facts

The defendant was indicted by the name of Elizabeth Newman alias Judith Hancock, for keeping a bawdy-house.

Arguments submitted by counsel

Mr. King moved to quash [the indictment], because a woman cannot have two Christian names; for which reason in a case in Noy [Loyd’s Case (1609) Noy 135] the return of a rescous was quashed.


And for this reason the indictment was quashed.

Orders of the court

Indictment quashed.