Reference: Young (1835) 13 S. 262

Court of Session ↗, 1st Division
14th January 1835

Before (the judges sitting on the bench)

Counsel (the barristers representing the parties)

  • D.F. Hope ↗ on behalf of Alexander Kettle Young (the Petitioner)

Summary of the facts

Alexander Kettle Young, W.S., presented a petition, stating that he had obtained a royal licence and authority from the King to use the name of Young in addition to that of Kettle, conform to letters under the sign-manual, duly intimated in the London Gazette ↗; and that, having previously been admitted a Writer to the Signet ↗, and Member of the College of Justice ↗, under the name of Kettle, he was desirous to have the authority of the Court to appear and practise before it under the surname of Young.  He prayed the Court “to interpone their sanction and authority to the petitioner’s henceforth using the surname of Young in addition to, and after that of Kettle, in all judicial proceedings, and to his subscribing the same to all legal acts and deeds, and all judicial proceedings, which, as a Writer to the Signet, or Agent, he may have occasion to sign; and to ordain this petition, and your Lordships’ deliverance thereon, to be recorded in the books of sederunt.”


Lord President Hope —

This petition should be withdrawn as unnecessary.  I do not remember to have ever seen an application of this nature.  In the case of a Notary Public I have seen such applications, but not in any other.  There is no need of the authority of this Court to enable a man in Scotland to change his name.

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Orders of the court

Petition withdrawn.